Branding and Logos

Brand documents


Please request approval before using our logo by emailing

to download the images open the link, right click and select save image as.

When to use the jpg. or png. file

  • Jpg.– this file has a white background. This version of the logo should only be used on white.
  • Png.– these files do not have a background. This type of file should be used on any color item you might create (flyer, sign, brochure, website, etc). We have 2 types of png files: our standard logo and one with a white outline and white text.
    • Png file standard logo– use this file if the background color is light.
    • Png with white outline and white text– this file should be used on heavy color backgrounds.

When to use horizontal or vertical logo

  • Horizontal– This is our Primary Logo and should be the first choice when creating collateral.
  • Vertical– This is our Secondary Logo and should be used when the horizontal logo is cramped or is too small to fit the allotted.