Hurricane and Disaster Relief Efforts 


When a major storm threatens the region, All Faiths Food Bank is ready with resources, training and communication to respond throughout Sarasota and DeSoto counties. All Faiths works directly with local emergency management operations to provide food, water, and hygiene items during crisis situations. As part of the Feeding America and Feeding Florida networks, All Faiths is prepared to provide emergency assistance to its sister food banks statewide and nationally, if needed.

All Faiths Food Bank is one of the lead emergency response organizations in Sarasota and the State of Florida and supports disaster relief efforts through membership in organizations including Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, Sarasota County Community Organizations Active in Disaster, Florida Emergency Preparedness Association, Sarasota County Emergency Operations Center, and Feeding Florida Disaster Strike Team.

With expertise in logistics, volunteer management, and emergency food distribution, All Faiths Food Bank and its agency partners represent a vital emergency food supply for storm victims in the communities it serves.



In 2018, All Faiths mobilized its staff and resources to assist with relief and recovery efforts for both Hurricane Florence in North Carolina and Hurricane Michael in the Panhandle. For Hurricane Florence, our Chief of Operations was onsite within three days following the storm and stayed for ten days where he assumed the role of operations and took charge of transportation, orders, volunteers and inventory.

For Hurricane Michael, our FDC Manager and Chief of Operations relocated to the affected area two days after the storm and stayed for three days offering operational support. Our Chief of Operations went back a second time four days later for eight days to assist with the disaster relief side of the warehousing. In addition to sending staff, All Faiths sent two truckloads of emergency meal boxes prior to the storm hitting followed by two more truckloads five days after the storm.


As a response to Hurricane Irma in September 2017, All Faiths Food Bank put the disaster plan to action.  All Faiths Food Bank was one of the lead emergency response organizations in Sarasota and the State of Florida. All Faiths worked closely with the Florida Division of Emergency Management, the State Emergency Operations Center and Feeding Florida on response and recovery efforts.

September 2017 Hurricane Irma Relief Efforts